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Whatsapp AERO v8.5 – The Latest Version of Whatsapp App

Whatsapp Aero v8.5 is an updated and modernized version of Whatsapp application. It is an innovative application that has been released by Facebook to make people’s lives easier and faster. It is a highly advanced app which has been designed for quick, accurate, and convenient communication across the world wide web. This article is written with special highlighted features which make it stand out from the previous released versions.

The Best Feature

One of the best feature present in this version is the integration of SMS/text messaging. Now users can send and receive messages with the use of their mobile phones as well as emailing. With its new and improved features Whatsapp AERO v8.5 gives a very effective communication solution to the users.

What More?

This latest version offers a wide range of features that helps users to do all social networking activities in a simple and effective way. Apart from this it also provides users with a number of other interesting features such as a news reader, picture viewer, a calendar, an alarm clock, and many more. Users can share and save all their latest photos, messages, files and even documents with their friends and family by sending them via SMS. You can find a huge number of people in the community through whom you can connect with. You can easily find your old friends with whom you can share your old pictures and files with and this facility makes you feel very safe.

The latest version also allows users to communicate with various online services which include Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, and many more. You can chat with your friends directly or send messages through these social networking websites. In addition to this you can also connect with them with SMS as well. In this way you will be able to remain in touch with them without the help of your mobile phones.

With the help of this new version you will also be able to send and receive mails. This can help you in getting your important and confidential mails. This latest version also offers various options in the form of notifications. Now you can get all your email notifications through an inbox, and you can easily handle these emails and reply to them easily. In addition to this it you can also add your favorite pictures to your account so that you can share it with your friends and family and friends on Facebook or other social networking websites.

Apart from this, Whatsapp AERO v8.5 also enables you to send videos, files and photos to your Facebook friends using the Facebook messenger application which you can upload in your profile. Thus you can use your mobile phone as a video camera. You might also want to check on how to download whatsapp aero apk, download yowhatsapp for pc and whatsapp for windows.


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